Where did it all start?

"JD Beauty Group’s humble beginnings date to 1977, when I started selling beauty products at local flea markets. My mom's basement in Queens, NY was my first warehouse. I had no idea that we would evolve into one of the leading marketers and manufacturers of professional hairbrushes in the world. Little did I know that trips to flea markets would turn into trips to Europe, Asia, and many other worldwide destinations, sourcing the best of the best. Here we are, 40 years later and JD Beauty Group is known for thousands of items."

-Jeff Rosenzweig Chairman/CEO

Mission Statement

JD Beauty Group is the perfect company to ensure that you are on the top of your beauty products game. Our product quality, selection, diversity, and prices are the best in the industry. We are commited to using only the best materials in concert with the finest craftsmanship.